Living life with chronic struggles is frustrating and a challenge. You have many options for choosing a therapist and making the right choice can be overwhelming. The following list are areas that I am currently focusing on in my practice, though I do have patients dealing with a variety of other concerns. Please take the time to review the appropriate section below to see if I can be a good fit for you or your loved one and don’t hesitate to contact me for any additional information.

I have the training, experience, and passion to help you overcome your struggles.


Until recently Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder was seen as a childhood disorder.  Today we know that it continues to impact people throughout their lifespan.  I can assess, diagnose, and help treat ADHD’s symptoms.

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Adolescent & Family

Adolescent symptoms can be manifestations of underlying problems that are being ignored or improperly addressed. I help adolescents and their families identify problems, and re-learn how to communicate and work with, rather than against each other. 

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Worries about social and institutional stigma can keep people struggling with addictions out of treatment.  I’m happy to work with you whether you’re ready to change today or are unsure and have questions. 

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Anxiety constricts and limits your life and tends to get worse with time if left untreated.  I help patients learn to understand and control their anxiety, rather than to allow anxiety to control them. 

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