Through my career I have been honoured to lend my expertise to patients, national media, and the courts in the areas of assessment, research, and treatment of addictions including both substance and behavioural addictions.

Addictions are chronic and cycling, and for most extremely difficult to beat.

I have over twenty years of expertise in the treatment and research of various addictions with a very high rate of success.

My program is not a 12-step program, though I am happy to work with people who also wish to be a part of a 12-step community. My program is individualized, and evidence based.

Addicts can sometimes avoid seeking treatment until they hit “rock bottom”. Reasons for this include continued stigma attached to addictions in society, outdated and patronizing treatment models, and a desire to continue engaging in the behavior you are addicted to. The problem with waiting till you hit “rock bottom” is that the consequences can be severe.

My program involves:

  • Comprehensive assessment and honest and none judgmental feedback
  • Goal setting and evaluation of your progress
  • Motivational enhancement and skill building
  • Discovery of triggers and strengths and preparation for short, mid, and longterm success
  • Relapse preventions
  • Therapy for any other underlying or related concerns such as anxiety, anger, relational or mood problems

Don’t wait till you hit rock bottom, get help now.

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