Addictions are typically chronic and cycling problems and for many extremely difficult to beat. I have over ten years of expertise in treatment and research of various addictions with a very high success rate! My program is not a 12-step program, but is individualized and evidence based. My expertise is often sought by national media and the courts in the areas of assessment and treatment of alcohol and video game disorders and concurrent disorders. I am recognized as an expert in the assessment and treatment of alcohol disorders by the court in Alberta.

Addictions are behaviours (like drinking, gambling, gaming) that have gotten out of control and become harmful to the individual and those around them. The consequences and negative effects of an addiction are usually first noticed by others and may be denied by the person going through the addiction, either because you are not aware of the problems, or because you wish they weren’t there because that means having to change the behaviour. Some people wait till they hit “rock bottom” before they seek help; which is unfortunate and unnecessary because by that point it isn’t just the addiction we have to treat but also the damaged or lost relationships, property, opportunities, and physical mental health consequences.

Don’t wait till you hit rock bottom, get help now!

I always advocate AVOIDING PROBLEMS rather than dealing with their consequences later.

My program involves:

  1. Comprehensive assessment and feedback
  2. Goal setting and evaluation of progress
  3. Motivational enhancement and skill building
  4. Discovery of triggers, strengths, and weaknesses and preparation for short, mid, and long-term success
  5. Relapse prevention
  6. Psychotherapy for any identified underlying or related concerns such as anxiety, anger, or mood concerns